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About Us

A day will start by greeting everyone "Good
morning!" with a genuine smile on their faces.

On a regular day of editing, Regine will sing out of
the blue and then Divina will sing with her
then there will be a duet.

Rachel will start bullying everyone especially
Jorene who silently works and finishes her

When there is a big wave of silence, Oliver will
start going to places and ask each one how they
are dealing with their projects and tasks.

These are the faces behind your edited videos.
We are Assemble Pro Editing Services.

Besides being fascinated by Son Goku's Ultra Instinct, Oliver has a
healthy obsession of optimizing which makes everything better for
the company and the clients.
Aimee is a go-getter and a fitness enthusiast who loves travelling
and making everyone happy.
Divina is an outgoing person who loves listening to rock music
whenever she's angry or sad.
Lover of a good meme and an aspiring millennial who is passionate
with her work.
Not much of a talker but Jorene speaks what's inside her mind
through videos.
Rachel is a high-spirited gal who loves bullying everyone (especially
Jorene) in a funny way.
Jorex is the Jack of all Trades who transforms from a shy guy to a
funny comedian during Christmas parties.