6 Tips To Jump Start In Video Editing

//6 Tips To Jump Start In Video Editing

6 Tips To Jump Start In Video Editing

A lot of people nowadays are into video content creation. If you are a business owner, a Vlogger, a traveler, or you just want to create a memorable video that you want to look back to in the future, but you are going nuts because editing is the last thing you want to do, then you should continue reading.

Starting out in video editing can be overwhelming but is not really complicated. So we listed the things you should consider in gearing up for the post-production process.

1. Identify the videos you want to make

The first thing you need to do is identify your purpose of creating a video content. Knowing what kind of video you will produce will help you a lot in selecting the editing tools you should use such as the editing software and the accessories.

This will also guide you in following the people who are good at creating contents in the niche you’ve selected. You can learn from their techniques as well as their style.

2. Know the equipment and tools you need


Starting out in video editing doesn’t require an expensive computer. These are the specifications you need to consider in a computer when starting out in video editing.

Your computer should have a large hard drive or memory capacity. Installing a video editing software may require 2 up to 4 GB of free space on your computer’s hard drive.

The raw video files and the exported file will also consume a big space on your hard drive but you can have the option of using an external hard drive.

Starting to learn video editing won’t require you much RAM memory but if you will be working with large video files, you should get as much RAM memory as possible to prevent your computer from slowing down and making it crash.

Mobile Phone or Tablet

Nowadays, most of us start editing videos using their mobile phones or tablets.

First is because most of our videos and photos were captured using our mobile phones or tablets. Second, there are lots of video editing apps that are user-friendly wherein we can post the exported file instantly on social media.

One of the specs that you should consider is the screen size. Of course, it is inconvenient to see everything from a small perspective. The bigger the screen size is, the easier it is to edit videos.

Opt for a device that has a fast processor to prevent the app from freezing. Processor or CPU is the brain of your device. It determines the fastness or slowness of your device.

The measurement of a processor is represented as a gigahertz value. Today’s fastest mobile processors’ clock speed range from 1.8 GHz to 2.2 GHz.

Video editing apps can drain your device’s battery life. Go with the device that has a long battery life. Milliampere hours measure how long a device will run before the battery needs recharging. The higher the mAh value, the longer the battery’s device will last.

Video editing software

Choosing your “weapon” for video editing can be overwhelming, considering that there are many types of video editing software at different prices that offer different features. But these are the recommended video editing software for beginners that topped our list.

What’s great about iMovie is it’s a free editing software and you don’t need to pay extra money for it. It is a great video editor for Mac as it comes with a lot of great features such as movie trailer, one step effect, audio editing, etc.

Check out this tutorial: iMovie Tutorial for Beginners

Windows Movie Maker is a free video editing software that is ideal for people starting out in video editing. It comes with a set of basic features such as transitions, effects, audio tracks, titles/ credits, auto movie, and timeline narration.

Filmora can be used either on Mac or Windows and is easy for anyone to learn, especially when you’re starting out in video editing. It allows you to perform basic video editing actions, as well as advanced video editing features.

But video editing experts may want more control over their projects than this software can give.

What’s good with Filmora is that anyone can learn to use this software, regardless of their skill level, and even if they have never edited before. This software offers a rich effects library that is constantly updated.

iMovie is a free editing app also available on iPhones and iPads. It even comes pre-installed on devices with 64GB or more in storage.

It is easier to add your videos from iPhone or iPad together and design it according to what you want. You can add your own titles and your own effects.

Power Director is a great video editing app as it includes quick editing tools, various effects, and allows you to reverse your videos and edit it in a slow motion.

It uses a classic timeline editor method which is a simplified version of a desktop video editing program. This is perfect for someone who wants control over how they want to stitch their videos.

Quik allows you to create and edit videos fast. All you have to do is add videos or photos to an awesome pre-designed template. You can also make some tweaks such as clip trims, video duration, titles, and filters.

FilmoraGo is available on iOS and Android. It’s perfect for people starting out in video editing as it helps you to add effects and beauty to your videos and images.

It allows you to create slideshows easily and it features most of the editing functionalities you’d need from a PC editing program. There are also cool special effects such as overlay and filter effects, animated text and title effects, motion elements, etc.

3. Gather information

In this digital age, gathering information about video editing is as easy as 123. What’s great with this industry is that there are lots of video editors who want to share their knowledge for free.

There are lots of video editing tutorials for beginners to teach you about various types of editing styles and techniques. YouTube and Vimeo are one of the recommendable video hosting sites to find relevant video tutorials regarding video editing.

If you want an in-depth learning about video editing, you can also visit some online learning resources such as Lynda.com, Udemy, InsideTheEdit, etc. to upgrade your skill.

Be sure to familiarize yourself with video editing jargons and terminology so it would be easier for you to understand the video tutorials and online courses you have gathered.

You can also join forums and Facebook groups so you can get tips and tricks from video editing experts.

4. Put your research to action

One way of testing what you’ve learned is putting your research into action. Ideally, you’ll want to be editing actual films but start first with the basics, like editing your own videos, then move up to a more complex videos.

One of the best ways to learn video editing is exploring on your own and making mistakes. You will never know if you learned something unless you apply it.

5. Practice and Patience

Being proficient in video editing doesn’t happen overnight. And just like any other skill set, it requires time and effort to learn well. Get some footage either by shooting or downloading from the internet and start editing.

You will not get better unless you practice. As time goes by, you’ll get faster and lessen the mistakes you commit.

6. Have fun

With whatever you do, you’ll never move forward unless you’re having fun with what you’re doing. Having fun with what you do will enable you to have an endless will to learn new things and discover new ways of editing videos creatively and artistically.


Learning how to edit videos is not that complicated. You just have to be equipped with the right tools and knowledge to start.

These are the tips and information you need to know when starting out in video editing.

Being able to know what kind of video content you would like to produce will help you a lot in identifying the equipment and tool you should have as well as the style and techniques you can execute.

Putting your research about video editing into action and practicing it continuously will help you upgrade your skills and knowledge as time goes by.

Lastly, have fun and enjoy the creative world of video editing.

Use these tips to jumpstart in video editing and keep you on track.

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